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Ride' n Slide 2001

Entrance Requirements

  1. Open to all breeds of horses.
  2. Rider and Horse Owner must be HCBC member.
  3. All cheques to be made payable to: Prince George Reining Horse Association.
  4. There will be no refunds, but substitution of horses will be allowed upon presentation of a veterinarian’s certificate.
  5. A rider may enter more than one horse.
  6. Post entries will be accepted up to 20 minutes before class starts. If entries are made after draw, those entries will be added to the beginning of the judge’s sheet(s). 10% Penalty after Pre-Entry Deadline.
  7. All protests or complaints will be taken to the PGRHA Executive and Show Committee.
  8. No one under the age of 19 will be permitted to ride a stallion in any class.
  9. Non Pro Classes: NRHA Cards not required, but entrants to Non Pro Classes will be asked to sign a declaration of eligibility.
  10. Additional $5.00 charge over Class Entry Fee charged per WCRA class.
  11. Contestants signing up for Breed Awards must show a copy of registration papers for each horse. Regular class fees apply. Must declare at registration to Show Secretary to qualify for Hi-Score Breed Awards. In order to qualify for NBCQHA Breed Award, you must be and NBCQHA Member prior to class.
  12. There is no limit to horse/rider combination classes entered.
  13. All youth entering any pattern other than Youth Classes must pay normal entry fee.


  1. Equipment must be used as stated in the NRHA Rule Book, unless otherwise specified.
  2. Horses may be ridden with two hands, unless otherwise specified.
  3. After each work, bits WILL be dropped and viewed by the judge.
  4. In WCRA Classes, keepers must be used with Running Martingales.

General Rules

  1. All reining classes will be judged according to the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) 2001 Rule Book, with the exception of Modified Patterns, which will be judged according to PGRHA/WCRA rules. Wherever possible, PGRHA follows NRHA rules.
  2. Youth must meet the criteria set by NRHA.
  3. Inhumane treatment of horses will be grounds for disqualification, as will abusive treatment of officials and fellow competitors.
  4. PGRHA Show Committee will select patterns. The patterns will be posted at least one hour prior to the beginning of the competition.
  5. There will be one judge. First place ties will be worked off using the same pattern and order of go as used during the class; however, there will be no more than one run-off.
  6. Broken Equipment – if tack or equipment should break or a horse cast a shoe while negotiating a go-round and the equipment failure delays the completion of the pattern, the entry will receive a score of "0" (NRHA Rule Book). If the entry is able to complete the pattern with no delay and no danger to the horse or anyone else, he may be scored at the judge’s discretion.
  7. The PGRHA reserves the right to cancel, transfer or reschedule the show without notice and/or liability. In the event of a cancellation, all entry fees will be returned.
  8. All Beginner Rider Patterns are non-pro as per NRHA Rule Book Description.

~ Classes 1-11 may be ridden 2 handed in any legal bit.

~ PRE-ENTRY DEADLINE - June 15, 2001.

~ Class 12 may be ridden 2 handed in Snaffle Bit only.

~ 3 Year Old Horses may be ridden two handed in any legal snaffle bit or bosal in all WCRA approved classes.

~ Classes 13-21 payout will be as per NRHA Rules.

~ Membership in Reining Canada is mandatory for RC year end points.

~ Membership in WCRA is mandatory for WCRA year end points.

~ Membership in HCBC is mandatory to compete in PGRHA 2001 Ride n' Slide for both owner & rider.

~ Membership or Associate membership in PGRHA is mandatory to compete in PGRHA classes.

~ Membership in PGRHA is mandatory for year-end high point awards.

Please use discretion when entering your classes. The integrity of our sports rests upon our shoulders.